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Initial IV Therapy Visit

15 minutes                       $25.00

(mandatory assessment for all new IV patients, IV drip/push extra charge and not included in assessment price)

IV Multi-Vitamin Follow-up

45 minutes                  $150.00

($125 visit fee, $25 supplies fee)


IV Glutathione Push Follow-up

15 minutes                     $130.00

($110 visit fee, $20 supplies fee)


Other Add-on Vitamins & Minerals +$20-$90 (please discuss with a Naturopathic Doctor)


*All patients will be assessed by a Naturopathic Doctor to see which IV treatment is safe and suitable. Prices are provided as reference only.


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IV Glutathione

Glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant and is beneficial for liver detoxification, immune function, inflammatory conditions and more.

IV Glutathione Therapy is provided by our Naturopathic Doctors, with Glutathione and Vitamin C injected into your bloodstream via a small butterfly needle. IV Therapy allows for these active ingredients to go directly into the bloodstream and hence, are absorbed much more effectively than taken orally.

IV Glutathione has many health benefits including detoxification of the liver, cancer preventation, inflammatory disease control and more. Speak to our qualified Naturopathic Doctors today to see if IV Glutathione is a safe and appropriate treatment for you!