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Initial Facial Consultation

(This 15-minute iniital visit is mandatory for all patients new to Facial Treatments) $40 + the cost of whichever Cupping treatment that follows


15 mins.                           $50

30 mins.                           $65

45 mins.                           $85


Facial Cupping


This traditional Chinese treatment will change your skin's appearance in as little as one treatment! Small smooth silicone or plastic cups are used to suction the skin and glide along the skin. No red bruising marks will be left. Facial cupping can help improve skin tone and laxity, brighten complexion and reduce swelling under the eyes.  


More about Facial Cupping

Facial cupping feels like a relaxing facial massage. There is no pain involved. Our practitioners will first clean your skin, apply facial massage oil on your skin, then use small suction cups to suction the skin and move it around for the full duration of the treatment. Facial cupping helps increase blood circulation to the face and mobilize lymphatics. It helps tones and contours the face leaving it looking bright and tight.


Will I get bruise marks?

No you will not get any bruising. Red marks or bruises usually occur in traditional cupping for muscle tension or muslce pain where there is inflammation involved. Those cups are left stationary on a certain area over a certain period of time and hence, create red marks. During Facial Cupping, the cups are constantly moved around the face and, therefore, no marks will be left behind.  


How many treatments will I need?

For best results, we recommend a series of 6 weekly facial cupping treatments in tandem. After the initial treatment phase, you can maintain with monthly facial cupping treatments.


New Patient to Facial Cupping? 

If you are a new patient to Facial Cupping and have not seen an Acupuncturist or a Naturopathic Doctor for any initial visits, then you will be required to book a 15-minute Initial Natural Esthetics Visit to be properly assessed. The total cost of the initial visit will then be $40 for the 15-minute Initial Visit, plus the cost of Cupping treatment. 


Marda Loop

Sage Hill

Willow Park