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Add Essential Oils to your treatment... because you deserve it!


Essential Oils can be added to any Massage Treatment for $10 extra.


True Essence Immune Boost 

-Eucalyptus: anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, anti-septic, anti-bacterial

-Tee Tree: anti-microbial, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, fungicide, insecticide

-Niaoli: analgesic, anti-septic, decongestant, insecticide, anti-rheumatic, febrifuge

-Laurel: anti-rheumatic, febrifuge, decongestant, expectorant, stimulant    

-Thyme thymol: anti-septic, anti-microbial, stimulates the mind, calm the nerves


True Essence Resp Air 

-Eucalyptus: anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, anti-septic, anti-bacterial

-Rosemary: expectorant, mental stimulant, anti-congestant, soothes respiratory airways

-Cedarwood: decongestant, expectorant, calming, anti-spasmodic

-Tea Tree: anti-microbial, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, fungicide, insecticide

-Thyme thymol: anti-septic, anti-microbial, stimulates the mind, calm the nerves

-Pine: clears mucous, reduce congestion, boosts immune system, flights colds and flus


True Essence Muscle Mend

-Birch: tonic, stimulant, analgesic, antirheumatic, antiarthritic

-Marjoram: calms the nervous system, soothes tired and stressed muscles

-Eucalyptus: anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, anti-septic, anti-bacterial

-Nutmeg: anti-stress, reduces menstrual cramps, sedative, relaxing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic

-Black Pepper: digestive, diaphoretic, carminative, antispasmodic, antirheumatic, antiarthritic 


True Essence Female Balance

-Geranium: astringent, hemostatic, diuretic, deodorant, styptic, tonic, vermifuge

-Marjoram: calms the nervous system, soothes tired and stressed muscles

-Clary Sage: antidepressant, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, deodorant, euphoric, uterine substance.   

-Lavender: calming, sleep-aid, relaxant

-Terragon: aperitif, circulatory, digestive, deodorant, emenagogue, stimulant, and vermifuge substance.


True Essence Lighten Up

-Lavender: calming, sleep-aid, relaxant

-Geranium: astringent, hemostatic, diuretic, deodorant, styptic, tonic, vermifuge

-Bergamot: antispasmodic, sedative, analgesic, antidepressant, disinfectant

-Clary Sage: antidepressant, anticonvulsive, antispasmodic, euphoric, hypotensive, nervine, sedative

-Grapefruit: diuretic, disinfectant, stimulant, antidepressant, antiseptic, aperitif, lymphatic and tonic

-Rosewood: analgesic, antidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, antibacterial, stimulating


We do not recommend Essential Oil therapy as an add-on to prenatal massages as each patient responds differently to different essential oil. Also, because these are essential oil blends, there may be some components that are not safe for pregnancy. 


Please mention any add-on's such as Essential Oil therapy when booking your appointment over the phone or online. These add-on's are performed by our Registered Massage Therapists and are covered by your Extended Health Insurance.   



Come on time and we'll see you on time!  No Waiting ... Guaranteed.

Are you tired of booking 1 hour massages and only receiving 50 minutes or less? Our clinic massage policy is different from other busy spas and massage centres. When you book for a 1 hour massage, we guarantee 1 full hour of high quality treatment. How do we do this? We always book massage treatments 15 minutes apart. Please come on time or a few minutes before your scheduled appointment so as to not shorten your treatment time. Book your next massage treatment today!


Highest quality luxury sheets for your enjoyment

Our sheets are eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and sustainable. Sink into our luxuriously decadent sheets today!


Comfortable Therapeutic Hydraulic Massage Tables

We only treat you on the best tables there is! Sink into our 3-inch foam hydraulic massage tables. These tables are adjusted electrically so that our therapists can have the best body mechanics and positioning when treating you. Going deeper and getting into knots won't be a problem when they are at the right height and position. 


How Do I Know Which Therapist Will Be Treating Me?

Phone us: When you call in for an appointment, our front desk staff will always confirm which therapist will be treating you. You can also request for a specific therapist at the time of booking. 

Book online: All our therapists' clinic hours are listed under their bio on the TEAM page. If you would like to book with a specific therapist then please book by selecting their name during their available clinic times.


Want a Couple's Massage? Not a problem!

Our clinic has two luxurious identical massage treatment rooms to book you and your significant other in at the same time. You'll be in separate rooms receiving your treatments but your mind will be at ease knowing that your significant other is being cared for. Please call our helpful front desk to book your next couple's massage.


Hypo-allergenic Sheets and Lotion Used

Our clinic only uses hypo-allergenic laundry detergent to clean our sheets. Our massage therapists are required to fully clean their hands with natural hand soap before providing any treatments. We use hypo-allergenic fractionated coconut oil. If you have any allergies or allergies specifically to coconut oil, please inform us before your massage. 


Add On To Your Treatment... because you deserve it!


Add Hot Stones

Add some Hot Stones to your Deep Tissue Massage to give yourself the ultimate muscle relaxation experience. The heat from the stones will help dissolve muscle tension without involving deep pressure. Hot stone add-on's must be mentioned at least 3 hours prior to time of appointment in order for stones to be heated to the right temperature. ($10 extra)


Add Cupping

Add the traditional Chinese treatment of Cupping to your Deep Tissue Massage. Cupping helps release the fascia, muscles and tendons and flush away inflammation. The circular red marks disappear after a couple days post treatment. ($10 extra)   


Please mention any add-on's when booking your appointment over the phone or online so our therapists can prepare appropriately. 

Aromatherapy can help you relax, fight stress and treat common ailments such as tired muscles and headaches. Using the aromatic extracted essences from plants and flowers, our experienced Massage Therapists will bring you back to good health. 

Essential Oil Massage Therapy

Willow Park

Marda Loop

Sage Hill



30 min. Massage           $60

45 min. Massage           $80

60 min. Massage         $100

90 min. Massage         $150

Hot Stone Massage    $140



Essential Oil                +$10

Hot Stone (4 stones)    +$10

Cupping (4 cups)         +$10


5% GST will be added to visits

COIVD-19 Requirements: 

As of January 4th, 2021, as per all Massage regulatory and association guidelines, all massage patients MUST wear a mask while lying face up or side-lying. When lying face down, mask wearing is preferred but may be omitted if there is difficulty breathing. 

As the level of insurance coverage varies from company to company, treatments may or may not be covered. Please check with your insurance provider prior to booking.