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Weight Loss Program

Rating : 5/5

I've been on the weight loss program for two months now and find it is easy to follow and weight is coming off. I feel better and have more energy. The staff at the clinic is great. They provide a very good support, friendly and helpful. They take time to talk about what is working for me, and offer suggestions when I need some. They are great.

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Best and easiest way to lose weight

Rating : 5/5

Whether you are interested in losing weight, getting in better shape, getting healthier, or just need more energy, Dr. Chim is the person to see! She is extremely helpful, encouraging and knowledgeable. I have lost 30 lbs in 3 months and still going strong. Ask her about the weight-loss plan, it includes everything you need to lose weight and keep it off, without starving yourself, at a reasonable price. I haven't felt this good in a long time, all thanks to Dr. Chim and her excellent plan.

Weight Loss Program
Weight Loss Program Lose Weight Naturally

How much does the 16 Week Program cost?


The total cost of the program will vary from patient to patient as some patients may not need to be on the full 16 week program to lose all the weight they want to lose. However, for a typical full 16 week program the costs are calculated as seen below:


Week 1:

Weight Loss Initial 1 hour Visit ($200) + B12/Adrenal/Lipotropic Injection ($40-$90): $240-$290 (billed as a Naturopathic Visit)

Weeks 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16: 

45 minute Follow-up Visit including Acupuncture $90-100 (billed as Acupuncture Visit or Naturopath Visit depending on which practitioner you see) + B12/Adrenal/Lipotropic Injection (billed as Naturopath Visit): $130-180 x 9 = $1170-1620.

Additional charges will apply for additional injections and supplements.

Approximate total for 16 week program: $1410-1910.

Pay as you go. 

No large lump-sum initial program costs!



Weight Loss Program Fee


Initial Weight Loss Visit

60 mins                                $200

Follow-up Weight Loss Visit

45 mins                               $100    

Add B12 Injection                 +$40

Add Adrenal Injection           +$45

Add Lipo 1mL Shot               +$50

Add Lipo 2mL Shot               +$90





A holistic approach to losing weight naturally and safely! This 16-week program combines acupuncture, vitamin injections, supplements and a personalized diet to help you lose weight.


Why Lose Weight?


We all know that obesity is now an epidemic and no prescription drug can cure it faster than proper dieting and exercise. We also know that every 10 pounds of extra weight translates to 40 pounds of extra pressure on our knees. Obesity can cause heart conditions, diabetes, low energy, immobility and much more. Knowing this, isn’t prevention the key to a good quality of life? Don’t we want to set ourselves free from disease?

Weight Loss Program

How is this program different from all other weight loss programs?


The Naturopathic Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive program that takes into account each patient’s personal health and family history, eating regimen, and lifestyle factors and then devise an individualized treatment program for the information collected.


Heavily advertised weight loss programs do not work most of the time, or if it does, the results are not long-lasting, because they do not treat the root cause of the disease. Everyone is clumped up as a unit and is given the exact same, very restricted, program.


With the Naturopathic Weight Loss Program however, the root cause of your obesity is examined (whether it is due to low thyroid function, hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue, stress, emotional eating, etc.), and natural remedies are prescribed to correct the problem.


How much can I expect to lose?


It depends on your starting weight, your com-pliance to the program, and any underlying health factors that may hinder the progress. A heavier person will lose more weight faster, say 20 to 30 lbs at the start, versus someone who is very close to their ideal body weight will find it very chal-lenging. Overall, a healthy weight loss rate is 1 lb a week, which calculates out to be 52 lbs a year. Anything faster may cause health complications.


What does this program consist of?


A Healthy Diet

This program forms an individualized eating program that will benefit the condition you currently have (i.e. anti-inflammatory diet for arthritis, anti-Candida diet for yeast overgrowth, low-estrogenic diet for estrogen dominant conditions, and so on) meanwhile combining it with a low-carb, low-fat, high-protein, high-fiber Naturopathic Diet.


Supplementation, B12/Adrenal/Lipotropic Injections and Acupuncture

To kick start a low metabolism and be most efficient at burning adipose tissue, natural supplements such as essential fatty acids, adrenal fortifiers, and homeopathics will be used. Vitamin B12 injections ($40 extra) or Adrenal injections ($45 extra) are also administered bi-monthly to help naturally boost energy and reduce stress. Lipotropic injections ($50 extra for 1mL and $90 extra for 2mL) may also be added on to assist in spot reduction to reduce unwanted fat. Acupuncture is also done to mobilize fluids, control the appetite and improve digestion.


Exercise and Lifestyle Coaching

No diet plan can be successful without an exercise program. Here, we cater to your ability to exercise. Your basal metabolic rate is calculated and the amount of exercise you need will be based on that value. You can make a change for good!

  • 10 - Naturopathic Visits (patients come for once a week for 4 weeks during the first month, followed by bi-monthly visits for the next 3 months). Acupuncture treatments are provided during each treatment as well.

  • 10 - B12/Folic acid Injections for metabolism support, energy, and enhanced mood (one injection weekly for the first month, followed by bi-monthly injections for the next 3 months). Note that the Naturopathic Doctor may also recommend Adrenal Injections instead of B12 Injections depending on your personal needs. Lipotropic Injections may also be added to assist in fat reduction. Note that these injections cost $40-$90 extra.

  • Detailed nutritional program including portion sizes, calories and meal plans.

  • Detailed exercise program including caloric expenditures.

  • Anthropometric Assessment: including body measurements, BMR, BMI and body fat percentage readings.

  • Supplements are available at an extra charge: Endotrim, Thermo-EFx, PurePaleo Protein, Super EFA liquid fish oils, Herbal Bulk fiber, TAD+ metabolism booster and other beneficial supplements. These supplements range from $30 to $80 and are out-of-pocket expenses as they are not covered by extended health insurance plans.

Program Package Entails:

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How Do I Know Which Injection To Get?

Our Naturopathic Doctor will follow-up and assess your progress and recommend the appropriate shot at the time of your visit.


By default, the B12 Injection is most helpful for increasing metabolism and increasing energy and hence is a good starting injection for weight loss.


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