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Relaxation Massage

If you don't like deep pressure then the lighter and slower stroke technique of Relaxation Massage may be right for you! Our therapists will use smooth gliding strokes to assist you in total relaxation. You can unwind as we play soothing spa music in a dim lit room. Have a knot in your back? Just let your therapist know and they can always add a little bit more pressure to problem areas.

Add On To Your Treatment... because it'll only help.  


Add Essential Oil: Add our True Essence Lighten Up essential oil blend to your Relaxation Massage. This blend consists of lavender, geranium, bergamot, clary sage, grapefruit and rosewood. essential oil. Don't like this oil blend? You can smell and pick any other essential oil . ($10 extra)


Add Hot Stones: Add four Hot Stones to your Relaxatoin Massage to give yourself the ultimate muscle relaxation experience. The heat from the stones will help dissolve muscle tension without involving deep pressure. ($10 extra)   


Add Cupping: Add the traditional Chinese treatment of Cupping to your Relaxation Massage. Cupping helps release the fascia, muscles and tendons and flush away inflammation. The circular red marks disappear after a couple days post treatment. Four cups will be used by the Therapist. ($10 extra)   


Please mention any add-on's when booking your appointment over the phone or online to allow our therapist time to prepare appropriately. These add-on's are performed by our Registered Massage Therapists and are covered by your Extended Health Insurance.


Direct billing to insurance is available. You can view a list of all insurance companies we direct bill here.



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Massage Fees


30 min. Massage              $60

45 min. Massage              $80

60 min. Massage            $100

90 min. Massage            $150

Hot Stone Massage       $140

Jade Stone Massage     $140



Essential Oil                   +$10

Hot Stone (4 stones)       +$10

Cupping (4 cups)            +$10


5% GST will be added to visits