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Post-Microneedling Care Packs - $20 (plus GST)

Take the treatment home with you! We also offer these small post-microneedling care packs for purchase at $20/pack. They include two 2mL vials of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C and last about 4-7 days depending on how much you use. These are the same hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C solutions that were used during your microneedling session. It will help hydrate the face and heal the skin faster. 

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We will first clean your skin and then numb the skin with a high quality topical anaesthetic. After 20 minutes, medical grade hyaluronic acid gel is applied to the skin with a sterile applicator.

Injectable pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C is then applied on top of the hyaluronic acid as we perform microneedling. 

We then microneedle using a Dermapen at different depths ranging from 0.25mm to 3.0mm. Major acne scars can be treated by stamping of the skin with the pen at 2-3mm. 

What are other good add-on treatments for Microneedling?

MESOFILL - We recommend MesoFill as a good adjunct treatment to Microneedling. MesoFil contains 2% pure hyaluronic acid and can naturally fill fine lines and wrinkles by inducing collagen production. We can even fill upper and lower lips! We recommend starting with 1mL (extra $65) of MesoFill to start for smaller areas such as furrows and forehead lines but additional solution can be added for $20/mL to fill lips, nasolabials and cheeks. Click here for more information on MesoFill.


MESOPIGMENTATION - For those who would like to treat pigmented skin, our MesoPigmentation solution will help brighten and lighten up the skin. Small injections will be made right underneath the age spot, dark acne scar or pigmented spot. We can even treat dark under eye circles with this solution. The solution contains Vitamin C, Glutathione, Glycolic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid and Azelaic Acid. $65/1mL or $85/2mL. 


FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE or TRADITIONAL CHINESE MICRONEEDLING - We recommend patients booking in for Facial Acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Microneedling 2 weeks after they have had a Microneedling treatment. The skin can benefit with additional treatments that help achieve similar effects. These treatments are both offered by our Naturopathic Doctors and Acupuncturists. Click here for more information on Facial Acupuncture and click here for more information on Traditional Chinese Microneedling.

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Facial Treatments

Microneedling Fee


Face Only                         $225

($210 visit, $15 supplies)              

Face + MesoFill (1mL)    $290

($265 visit, $25 supplies)


Face + Neck                     $325

($310 visit, $15 supplies)    


Face+Neck+MesoFill      $390

($365 visit, $25 supplies)


Add-on 1mL MesoFill        +$20

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Don't be fooled by cheaper online offers or be a victim of price gouging at other medi-spas!

We do Microneedling the right way! At Essence Wellness Clinic, our Naturopathic Doctors will assess your skin, determine the depth that the needles need to be at to treat your skin deficiencies and perform the treatment with sterile one-time-use only supplies and equipment. We highly prize ourselves with a clean clinic environment, hence we have professional cleaners clean the clinic nightly. Our $225 per treatment price is the best price that you'll see in town. Other medi-spas will charge $350-500 (plus tax, plus tip) for one treatment. We use medical grade pure hyaluronic acid and injectable grade Vitamin C. Be a smart shopper and feel free to call around other places for more information. Many places do not offer hyaluronic acid and if they apply vitamin C it is only a diluted cream type of vitamin C. 

Microneedling Treatments 

What is Microneedling? 
Microneedling is a natural treatment hat helps rejuvenate the skin without surgery! The treatment uses a dermapen with 12 microneedles that penetrate the skin with a series of vertical “stamps”. The body recognizes that there’s been local trauma to the skin and during the healing process more collagen, elastin, growth factors, and fibrin are released into the area. The result: less dark spots, lines and wrinkles and acne scars, toner and firmer skin, less dark circles, improved complexion and a natural glow to the face. 

What is a treatment like? 
A numbing local anesthetic will first be applied and left on for 20 minutes. The skin is then cleansed with a natural cleanser. Bioactive agents such as hyaluronic acid (what is used in Jevéderm and Restylane) and vitamin C serum are then applied and microneedling begins. The microneedling pen helps create channels to deliver these anti-aging infusions into the dermal layers below the skin surface. Microneedling treatments are 60 minute treatments. You return home or back to the office with virtually no signs of redness or irritation. The progressive healing process begins immediately. Final results are typically achieved within four to six weeks. 

How often do you need to come? 
The healing process happens at home after the treatment is given. Depending on the desired results and skin conditions, patients are recommended to come back every 4 weeks for 2 to 3 more treatments. Most obvious results are seen after the third treatment (see picture below). Patients can maintain their rejuvenated skin by coming in every 2-4 months for a Microneedling treatment. 

Possible side effects include: 
Redness, irritation, pin-point bleeding, heat sensation, itchiness, and swelling with most side effects subsiding within 4-24 hours.

How can I book for Microneedling?
Click here to Book Online or the Book Online button at the top of this page.  Select “Facial Treatments” and then select the type of Microneedling visit you would like.


How do you bill for Microneedling?
Because this treatment is given by our Naturopathic Doctors, you may be able to claim it as a Naturopathic Visit through your health insurance plan. We also direct bill over 15 insurance companies. Please note that the naturopathic visit portion will be submitted to insurance while the supplies fee ($10-15) will be the responsibility of the patient.

Reduce fine lines & wrinkles 
Diminish dark under eye circles 
Improve skin tone & tightness
Reduce pores 
Reduce dark spots & age spots
Increase natural collagen 

Minimal down time 
Minimal pain
Safe, Natural and Effective 
Affordable and long-lasting results 
Minimal side effects 
No surgery required

You can have the natural looking results you want with no surgery, with no painful peels or lasers, with no downtime – at an affordable price starting at $225/treatment. Guaranteed best price in town!