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Gift Cards at Essence Wellness Clinic

Essence Gift Cards Available

Give your friends and loving family the gift of health!



- Gift cards do not have an expiration date as per Alberta by-laws.

- Gift cards are TRANSFERABLE and are used and redeemed as cash.

- Gift cards can be used for ANY SERVICE or PRODUCT at Essence Wellness Clinic (naturopathy, acupuncture, massage, supplements, lab tests, etc). Any difference in price between the selected service and the value of the gift card is the responsibility of the patient.

- A receipt will be provided for the customer who is buying the gift card. The receipt will state "purchase of Essence Wellness Clinic gift card" and hence, as per insurance rules, cannot be submitted to insurance for reimbursement since the service was not received by the customer. 




1. Book online at: Click on the "Book Now" tab.

2. E-mail us at: and specify the time, date and type of service you would like to book.

3. Speak to a real person by calling us at the clinic.


Too busy to come in to purchase a Gift Card? You can call our clinic and pay for your Gift Card over the phone with your credit card. We will email you a receipt for the Gift Card or leave it at the front desk for your friend or family to pick up and use when they come in! 



MVA Direct Billing


Due to the complexity of direct billing to MVA insurance companies, our clinics do not direct billing MVAs. You will need to pay for you treatment and submit the invoice to your insurance adjuster yourself. 


If you have been in a Motor Vehicle Accident, you must report to your insurance company immediately then see a primary caregiver such as your Family Doctor, Chiropractor or Physiotherapist to determine the severity of your injury. Once an AB-1 form has been filled out and your are pre-approved for the 21 treatment visits, you can book with our massage therapists or acupuncturists for treatments. 


Please note that you DO NOT need a doctor or chiropractor referral to see our massage therapists or acupuncturists. Once pre-approved for 21 visits, you may choose to use those visits with any practitioner you want. Under the new Alberta Minor Injury Regulation, you have 90 days from the day of the accident to receive up to 21 pre-approved treatments. 



Insurance Direct Billing and Policy


We direct bill over 22 insurance companies:

- Sun Life, Manulife, Canada Life (was Great-West Life), Cowan, Industrial Alliance, Standard Life, Dejardins, Chambers of Commerce, Johnson Inc., Maximum Benefit, Johnston Group Inc., CINUP, First Canadian, GroupHEALTH, GroupSource, Manion

- SSQ and Green Shield

- Blue Cross

- Equitable Life, Cooperators, Nexgen


Our Direct Billing Policy:

-A Direct Billing Form MUST be filled out and signed in order for us to direct bill on your behalf. 

-All visits performed by our Naturopathic Doctor will be billed as a "Naturopathic Visit".

-All visits performed by our Acupuncturists will be billed as an "Acupuncture Visit". 

-All visits performed by our Massage Therapists will be billed as a "Massage Visit".

-There are no exceptions to the above way to billing. We also do not back-date receipts, split up visits into small visits or use any other members of the family's insurance if your insurance has been maxed out. Please verify with your insurance provider that you are covered for such treatments before you book a specific treatment.

-Patients are always responsible for paying the full treatment cost even if they thought they were covered by their insurance company, if their insurance got declined, if their insurance coverage has changed what is covered, maxed out, or terminated.

-Insurance submissions that come back as Pending/for Review: if we do not get an immediate answer from your insurance company, we will have to collect the full amount of the visit and re-submit your claim to be payable to Insured Member. Any amounts covered by your insurance will be paid directly to you in 5-7 business days. 

-We do not direct bill to Seconday Insurance. If there's a co-pay amount, we will collect that amount up-front from you and provide a receipt for you to submit to your secondary insurance company yourself. 

Payment Methods


Due to new COVID-19 safety measures, we are no longer able to accept cash. We accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Debit and Essence Wellness Clinic Gift Cards.

Late Cancellation and Missed Appointment Fees


We understand that situations may arise from time to time preventing you from making your appointment but your last minute cancellations or not showing up takes away an opportunity for us to help treat another patient.


Our clinic has a strict cancellation policy where we require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment. Failure to provide at least 24 hours notice or missing your appointment is subject to a charge of 50% of the visit fee, not covered through your insurance. This fee needs to be paid in full before re-booking your next appointment. 



Natural Esthetics Initial Visit (15 mins)              $40

All patients new to Natural Esthetics must book for an initial 15 minute visit. Cost of visit's $40, treatment extra.

Microneedling for Face (60 mins)                    $275

$210 visit fee, $65 supplies fee

Microneedling Face + MesoFill (60 mins)        $340

$265 visit fee, $75 supplies fee

Mesotherapy for Face (15 mins)                        $80

$70 visit fee, $10 supplies fee

Additional 1mL Hyaluronic Acid                       +$20

Microneedling for Body - prices vary depending on body part. Please visit our Microneedling page.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (60 mins)    $140

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (45 mins.)   $100

Qi Facial with Dr. Yvonne (60 mins)                 $175

Facial Cupping (15 mins)                                   $50

Facial Cupping (30 mins)                                   $65




Relaxation - Deep Tissue - Prenatal:

Massage Treatment (30 mins)                           $60

Massage Treatment (45 mins)                           $80

Massage Treatment (60 mins)                         $100

Massage Treatment (90 mins)                         $150


Hot Stone Treatment (60 mins)                       $140

Hot Stone Treatment (90 mins)                       $200


Massage Add-ons:

Add Essential Oils                                           +$10

Add Hot Stones (4 stones)                              +$10

Add Cupping (4 cups)                                      +$10


*Please note there is an extra 5% GST added to Massage Treatments. 




Initial Lab Test Visit (15 mins)                            $40

All patients wanting to obtain lab tests must book an initial 15 minute lab test visit. Cost of visit is $40 plus the cost of whichever test below:

Follow-up Lab Test Review (15 mins)                $40

IgG 120 Food Sensitivity Test                          $375

IgG 160 Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Test        $475

IgG 200 Food Sensitivity Test                          $550

Candida Stand-alone Test                               $175

Female Salivary Hormone Test                        $350

Female Salivary + Cortisol Test                       $525

Male Salivary Hormone Test                            $300

Comprehensive Urine Element Test                $300

Comprehensive Hormone Insight Test            $525

For a full list of lab prices please go to our Laboratory Testing page.


Why is there a separate Visit Fee and Supplies Fee?


In order for us to direct bill to your insurance company, we must separate the visit fee from the supplies fee. The VISIT FEE portion of the treatment will be direct billed to your insurance and we will let you know how much of that is covered. The SUPPLIES FEE is an out-of-pocket fee that you must pay after each visit, regardless if we have to wait to hear back from your insurance company or not. The supplies fee covers the cost of the supplies used during certain treatments and cannot be directly billed to your insurance company.  



Naturopathic Initial Visit (60 mins)                   $200

Naturopathic Follow-up Visit (45 mins)           $100 


Acupuncture Initial Visit (60 mins)                   $140

Acupuncture Follow-up Visit (45 mins)            $100


Weight Loss Program Initial Visit (60 mins)    $200

Weight Loss Follow-up Visit (45 mins)            $100

B12/Adrenal/Lipotropic Injections & Supplements extra


Fertility Program Initial Visit (60 mins)             $200

Fertility Program Follow-up Visit (45 mins)     $100

B12/Adrenal Injections, Supplements & Labs extra


Nutrient Injection Initial Visit (15 mins)              $40

All patients new to Nutrient Injections must book for an initial 15 minute visit. Cost of visit is $40 plus the cost of B12/Adrenal/Lipotropic injection listed below: 

B12 Injection (5 mins)                                        $40

Adrenal Injection (5 mins)                                  $45

Lipotropic Injection 1mL (5 mins)                        $50

Lipotropic Injection 2mL (5 mins)                       $90


IV Therapy Initial Visit (15 mins)                        $25

All patients new to IV Therapy must book for an initial 15 minute visit. Cost of visit is $25 plus the cost of IV.

IV Multivitamin Myer's Follow-up (45 mins)     $150

$125 visit fee, $25 supplies fee

IV Weight Loss Drip Follow-up (45 mins)        $225

$185 visit fee, $40 supplies fee

IV Anti-Aging Drip Follow-up (60 mins)           $240

$190 visit fee, $50 supplies fee

IV Immune Boost Drip Follow-up (60 mins)     $240

$190 visit fee, $50 supplies fee

IV Glutathione Push Follow-up (15 mins)        $130

$110 visit fee, $20 supplies fee

Add-ons to IV's at half price (ask our Doctors):

Add Glutathione Push                                     +$65

Add B12 (5000mcg)                                        +$20

Add Adrenal Injection                                 +$22.50

Add Lipotropic 2mL                                            $45


Mesotherapy Initial Visit for Pain (30 mins)     $120

$110 visit fee, $10 supplies fee

Mesotherapy Follow-up for Pain (15 mins)        $80

$70 visit fee, $10 supplies fee 





Initial Acupuncture Visit (60 mins)                   $140

Follow-up Acupuncture Visit (45 mins)            $100


Cupping (15 mins)                                             $50

Cupping (30 mins)                                             $65

Cupping (45 mins)                                             $85