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Food Allergy Testing

What is Food Sensitivity?

Food sensitivity refers to your body's delayed immune reactions to foods that trigger IgG antibodies. In a food sensitivity reaction, the IgG antibodies attach themselves to the food antigen and create an antibody-antigen complex. These complexes are normally removed by special cells called macrophages.  However, if theses complexes are present in large quantity and the offending food is still being consumed, then macrophages can’t remove them quickly enough.  The food antigen-antibody complexes accumulate and are deposited in various body tissues. These complexes release inflammation causing chemicals, which may play a role in numerous diseases and conditions such as migraines, fatigue, weight gain, irritable bowels and more.  


Why Test for IgG Food Sensitivity?

There is good evidence to support the health benefits of eliminating IgG reactive foods from your diet. IgG food sensitivities can be a contributing cause of migraine headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, indigestion, eczema, ADD, fatigue and inability to lose weight.  Because IgG food reactions are delayed reactions (taking hours or days to develop) this makes it difficult to determine which food is responsible for the reaction without doing testing.


What types of food are tested?

The standard 120 food antigen test ($375) tests for food in different food categories such as dairy, meat, vegetables, fruits and miscellaneous. The 160 food antigen test ($475) tests for only vegetarian food such as dairy, vegetables and fruits. The 200 food antigen test ($550) tests for a variety of food sources including meat and vegetarian food. You can view a complete itemized list of what is tested here


How do I book for a Food Sensitivity Test? 

You can call our clinics at (403) 383-3228 (Marda Loop), (403) 383-2338 (Sage Hill) or book online. You will be booked for a 15-minute Lab Test and will be required to fill out some paperwork at our clinic. Unlike most clinics, we do not require a comprehensive Naturopathic initial visit in order for you to get the test. Some patients prefer doing all their testing before booking an initial Naturopathic consultation because of the valuable information it gives our Naturopathic Doctors. 


What happens after I get my results?

Our Naturopathic Doctors are available to help review your lab tests with you. You can book online for a quick 15-minute Lab Test Review appointment for $40. Some dietary changes and supplements will be recommended during the quick visit. If you feel like you need a more comprehensive consultation, you can also book for a 60-minute Initial Naturopathic Visit for $200


Are Food Sensitivity Tests covered by Health Insurance?

Food allergy tests MAY be covered by your extended health insurance. You can call your insurance provider and ask if you have coverage for "Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests" or "Blood Tests". Because we don't direct bill for lab tests, we will provide a detailed receipt for you to submit to your insurance.


What do the results look like?

Here is a sample Food Sensitivity Test result for 120 foods. A full-color PDF will be e-mailed to you within one to two weeks from the date of blood collection. You will need to completely avoid all foods in red, while foods in yellow can be moderately consumed in small quantity. 


Patient Fact Sheet

Want more information? You can read more in-depth information on Food Allergy Testing here.

Other Available Laboratory Tests

Did You Know?

Your lab test may be covered by your extended health benefits!


Some plans include an allowance for "lab tests", "blood tests", or "diagnostic tests".  Call and check with your insurance company if you're covered for specific tests. 

Female Salivary Hormones - $350

For female patients, this test will evaluate if your estrogen, progesterone, DHEAS, testosterone, and cortisol levels are in adequate normal ranges. Knowing what your hormone levels are will provide a pathway for treating female hormone-related symptoms experienced during PMS, peri-menopause, or during menopause.


Male Salivary Hormones - $350

This test measures cortisol, DHEAS, estradiol, and testosterone in your saliva. It provides valuable information on the interaction between these four major hormones. Custom interpretation will be provided to explain for current male symptoms such as low libido, hair loss, fatigue, and low mood. This test only requires you to provide first morning saliva samples. 


Hair Mineral Toxin Analysis - $175

This test requires a small sample of your hair (approximately 5 grams).  It tests for levels of 22 toxic heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, arsenic, and lead. It also tests for 23 essential minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, zinc, selenium and magnesium. Knowing the levels of good and bad minerals and heavy metals in your body can help suggest either supplementation or detoxification.


Vitamin D Test - $150

Did you know that Alberta Health is no longer providing Vitamin D test screening as of April 1st, 2015 (click here for more information)?  Because Vitamin D plays such an important role in bone growth, immune system and general mood, it's important to test for it. This test requires a quick prick of your finger to obtain a few drops of blood.  It is then sent for analysis to determine Vitamin D levels in your body. 

Sample test results of Vitamin D test


Celiac Test - $300

The Celiac Panel measures gliadin IgA and gliadin IgG, which are highly sensitive, and anti-tissue transglutaminase IgA, which is highly specific for Celiac disease.


Omega Fatty Acid Profile Test - $300

This test measures the types and amounts of various fatty acids from a convenient dried blood spot via a prick of a finger. Measurements include Omega-3, Omega-6, mono-unsaturated, saturated & trans fatty acids, and inflammatory marker AA:EPA ratio.


In-office Urine Analysis - $40

This is a quick dip stick test that tests for presence of glucose, protein, bilirubin, ketones, leukocytes and blood in the urine. It also tests for pH levels so you know if you're acidic or alkaline, hence allowing you to make changes to your diet. 

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Food Sensitivity Testing

Are food sensitivities the cause of your disabling and recurring symptoms? Our IgG Food SensitivityTest can help test for food sensitivies through a quick prick of your finger. Results come in as soon as 1 to 2 weeks. $375/test.

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